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Nike Running Blog was redesigned into Nike Plus Blog. This blog was the most content driven blog created by Nike in the early 2008.
It was connected to the Nike Plus Forums and invited discussion boards, avatars and comments from the forums.
(It was a customized WordPress platform which was connected to Jive forums platform.)

At R/GA, Daniel Won built the version 1 and the version 2 for the Nike Running/Nike Plus team.

Tasks done
1. Built redesigned layout into a website.
2. Called content from Nike Plus Forums to the blog.
3. First Nike Running Blog to have flash video content.
4. Called in Nike iD widget from Nike iD website.
5. Built a specific template for Nike Plus Blog’s print page.
6. Added share functionality to various social media platforms.
7. Created special page for “Q&A with Coach Jay”.
8. Created user – friendly search page for the blog.
9. Added customized print plugin.
10. Connected to other Nike sites as of Nike Plus, Nike Plus Forums, Nike Store, and Nike iD.

Additional Information
Site was active from late 2007 to mid 2009.