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Fair Winds Trading Inc.


After launching, Fair Winds Trading Inc. asked Daniel Won and his design partner to redesign their company website. This website was created using WordPress as a content management system. It required a specific customization of WordPress in order to be updated by a non programmer.

Tasks done
1. Tech lead on the project: front-end, back-end and server issues.
2. Built designed layouts into a website.
3. Extensive customization of WordPress.
i) Homepage is getting four different posts from four different categories. The homepage touts on the bottom will be updated with the latest post from each category.
ii) Touts on the sidebar of ‘Single Pages’ are linked to different pages.
iii) The theme was built specific to the needs of Fair Winds Trading Inc.
4. Homepage has a rotational featured area built with php.

Additional Information
Site was launched on June 2009 and has been maintained by the client after the launch date.